Dolly Panther Classic


olly Panther Classic is an extremely reliable and durable electromechanical dolly. a programmable, CPU-controlled center column and its pivoting wheel arms make it perfect for many diverse shot angles. The wheels fit perfectly for studio floors & tracks and with interchangeable wheels, the dolly could even be smoothly operated on more rugged floors.

Doorway Dolly


oorway Dolly is a classic, reliable, basic camera movement grip gear. With speed-wheels, the doorway dolly can be mounted on tracks.

Matthews Western Dolly


atthews Western Dolly is a larger, heavier duty platform than the Doorway Dolly.

Iron Pipe Dolly


ron Pipe Dolly is portable, lightweight & yet heavy duty, enabling quick assembly & repositioning while still maintaining a steady, smooth camera movement.

Panther Vario Jib


anther Vario Jib is a heavy duty, smooth & precise Jib with telescopic arms on both sides, making the Vario Jib a universal piece of equipment for many shots. With an additional extension the Vario Jib can be extended by an additional 1m.

Panther Mini Jib


anther Mini Jib is a very universal mini jib arm, enabling basic jib movements with quick assembly.

Panther U-Bangi


anther U-Bangi is a Sliding arm for lateral positioning for horizontal precision. The rig can be used on dollies, camera cars, tables, stages etc.

Car Mounts


ar Mounts include hood mounts, side mounts, suction cups, leveling heads, all to maintain steady, reliable & safe car shots.



extiles include diverse possibilities for bouncing, diffusing, cutting & controlling light using a variety of sizes of clothes & frames.

Chroma Key


hroma Key is used to enable in post production the replacement of backgrounds or to specific areas in a shot. The use of high quality, precise chroma key clothes is crucial for accurate post production work