mbrella-Ball is a peripheral tungsten diffused light source. Shaped like a ball or a balloon it provides a powerful omnidirectional light.

Maluna Nano 200


aluna Nano 200 is a omnidirectional tungsten lantern sourcelight. it’s faces can be covered individually with dedicated diffusions or gobos to diffuse or control the light.

Lowel Rifa


Production Trucks specially fitted for Camera, Grip, Lighting or Camp departments.

Chimera Quartz


Chimera Quartz provides a confined directional light with a diffusion possibility for HMI, PAR & tungsten light sources. The Chimera Quartz is a collapsible softbox in a variety of sizes.

Smoke, Fog, Haze & Mist Machines


moke, Fog, Haze & Mist Machines create special effects, atmospheric effects, enhances lighting designs & helps define beams of light.